The Dialysis Clinic (Barbados) was established with one mandate - quality. All aspects of clinical care and water quality exceed internationally recognised standards (see results). The Clinic was founded by Dr Emile Mohammed and Mr. Mark Harris and is available for Barbadians, other Caribbean dialysis patients and visitors from around the world. The Dialysis Clinic (Barbados) was founded by Dr Emile Mohammed and Mark Harris.

 Mark Harris and Dr Emile Mohammed
Dr Emile Mohammed is the consultant nephrologist and Head of Nephrology services at the islandís tertiary care hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and is responsible for all aspects of clinical care at The Dialysis Clinic (Barbados). He is internationally trained and the depth of his renal training ranges from Kingís College Hospital, London to the Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia. He has over 15-years experience with haemodialysis. Over the last 5-years, he has been instrumental in developing nephrology services in Barbados, including the expansion and upgrade of the haemodialysis programme, the development of a peritoneal dialysis programme and more recently, he has led a team to successfully re-start renal transplantation (see news). His nursing staff have more than 50-years of dialysis experience between them.

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